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Let’s go beyond sustainability

By generously creating resources through
the generation of stable forms of carbon.

«We are the Generation of
People who does the carbon
transition – after the last
generation started energy

Can we really create resources?

The elements and their mass are given by the universe – of course, we cannot change. But we can help decide, in which forms Carbon is with us: as CO2 or CH4 in the atmosphere or as C or CxHyOz in soil and live.​

After years of telling ourselves, that we humans are a threat to the planet – We know it better! So don’t reduce your impact or footprint – but increase your positive input!

We support your Sustainable Transformation

Adapted to the context and your wishes and needs, we do not only generate optimism and enthusiasm, but we support your approach to your appropriate solution, be it the dissemination of knowledge in your region or production sector, developing the business cases or building up a concrete production of energy and biochar and guide a local industry or craftswomen workshops to produce the necessary equipment and energy systems. We do match-making to get you in touch with the best experts and support the networking with international initiatives that support your topic. This also includes financing strategies.


Providing advice and technical support in strategically planning your project and consulting ongoing projects and its business cases. Finding the appropriate solution on the market or designing a new solution that supports the build-up local production of an adapted system. Getting you in contact with the needed expertise – worldwide


We generate your solution by developing the business case, seeking for an existing technical solution or designing a new, calculating and simulating it, supporting the producer in finding the appropriate components and materials, finally being with you for commissioning and optimization.


In Español, Français, Deutsch or English – and as often as possible supported by live experience – we provide enabling by lecturing, presentations, practicas and training – at your production site, at your place, at your university, your farm.

«To improve the world we must wake up old
knowledge around the planet and
combining it with new knowledge about
clean technology, humbly feeling that
we are seekers.»

Martin R.Schmid; Dipl. Ing. HTL/FH

I did an apprenticeship as a draftsman/designer and studied mechanical engineering and graduated in 1995 in lightweight design and crash safety. After 6 years of research in material fatigue and structural integrity, I changed into biomass energy applied sciences and exhaust emission analytics in 2002. I’m a guest lecturer since 1998 in several technical universities and still do lecturing in Spanish, English and German.
I’m an expert for Ressource Efficiency at REFFNET and for Pyrolysis Technology for UNIDO.
I’m a cosmopolitan – citizen and servant on planet Earth – with a home base near Basel, Switzerland

Peace for the future generations

The biggest physical task of humanity in the 21st century is to heal
the blessings we did to mother earth in the last 200 years. Re-generate the
50% of top-soil earth – which has been peeled off by human activities in
the last 100 years and which is the basis of life on the land of planet
earth. I learned and worked more than 20 years for and about many
solutions and I am an expert on some of them and so my duty shall be to
spread the knowledge as much and fast as possible worldwide.  

Expert for and with

Let’s save the chocolate!

The good news is, that small ammounts of biochar in the soil also reduce the cadmium uptake into the…

It’s Gaia – she’s alive!

The whole planet earth is a living organism – it doesn’t matter if I refer to Alexander von Humboldt…

I proudly present a report about our technology development and the implementation in the coffee sector of Vietnam 2015 to 2017 in German, directed by Sylvan Oehen for ARD, ZDF, ORF, 3Sat and SRF. I put it now on youtube because the media library kicked it out after 5 years :-).

We have been on main TV in Austria, Germany and Switzerland 2018
The Original movie turned in Vietnam in Summer 2017

It started with a 5 minute documentary about our work in Vietnam in original languages with English subtitles: Enjoy to short trip!