Co-Generation of electric power from Biomass: don’t forget the remaining heat

50 kW electric power from hot air turbine (EFGT) combined with pyrolysis or wood combustion: This simple and robust solution reached already 2020 costs not much different from photovoltaics if operated 6’000+ hours per year. (Pictures from own project at Ökozentrum)

Frankly spoken: much more than 20% electric efficiency is not reachable with decentralized biomass energy – which means: even if you choose to turn Biomass energy into power, there will remain always a lot heat. And therefore an application and a business case needed to use it. We recommend:

- Midsize: Micro-gas and hot-air-turbines in at least 4 different possible arrangements for 20 to 500 kW electric power

- Small: Don’t do it – or for tropical agriculture with not reliable electric grid: Thermo-Electric-Generators for autarc service.

- Bigger than 500 kWe: Steam (ORC or water)

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