We are the Generation of People who does the carbon transition – after the last generation started energy transition
Soil Top Layer «humus» contains 2 to 3 times the C content of the atmosphere CO2 and 3 to 5 times the carbon content of all life on planet earth. Talking about Carbon needs to include at first place the soil.

Half of the soil humus, the base of all life on land on planet earth, is lost within a century by human activities. According (french ministery of agriculture and a big worldwide community), we could rebuild it at a rate of 4/1000 per year (= 6 Gt C). So that climate change could be stopped almost only by this measure. ​

What Generation Carbon provides here: Swiss and Worldwide Networking with> experts>, pioneers> associations> and researchers> on terra preta and regenerative agriculture>. Lecturing>, speaches> and project development> on soil regneration and Pyrolysis Technologies> .