Co-Generation of Biochar and Heat – and generation of solutions to it: references

My expertise, training and design for: (left) a continuous operating PPV300 Pyrolyzer in Cambodja, generating 1’100 kg rice-husk-biochar and 5 MWh thermal energy in 24 h – or (right) a smallest scale batch pyrolyzer as add-on for wood stoves generating 0.2 kg biochar and 2 kWh thermal energy per batch

Millions of tons of dry harvest residues are waiting to serve

Since 2002, I develop and test improvments on wood chip boilers, since 2005 the same for non-wood biomass including dioxine emission avoidance, low-NOx solutions and lowest particle emissions. I developed the Biomass- and lean-gas->FLOX® Technology starting 2004. Since 2011, all this plus my experience from applied material research are included in the Pyrolysis technologies, developed, improved and tested since 2011. These works have done at or with Oekozentrum> and the respective customers and >partners and >supporters.

My designs range from continuous systems including co-generation of electric power> and the mentioned small scale batch solutions.