grafik Presenting biochar and pyrolysis at the World Expo 2017 Kazachstan for UNITAR

Who is Generation Carbon?

​ I did an apprenticeship as draftsmen/designer and studied mechanical engineering and graduated 1995 in light weight design and crash safety. After 6 years in research in material fatigue and structural integrity, I changed into biomass energy applied sciences and exhaust emission analytics in 2002. I’m a guest lecturer since 1998 in several technical universities and still do lecturing in Spanish, English and German
I’m an expert for Ressource Efficiency at REFFNET> and for Pyrolysis Technology for UNIDO> . I’m a cosmopolit – citizen and servant of planet earth – with home base near Basel, Switzerland

Martin R. Schmid; Dipl. Ing. HTL/FH; +41 79 271 74 62

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