Resilience: Man made black soils – a traditional practice thrives again

Not only in the Amazonian bassin, in almost every region of this planet, people used to know, that composting with added few percent of biochar reduces mass loss, increases fertility, reduces odors, increases water capacity of soils. They increased humus layer - or scientifically correct, they reduced the losses into the atmosphere. We can do that again – with the advantage of modern pyrolysis technology, that co-generates energy and clean exhausts while generating biochar out of harvest residues. ​

Yes it is «geo-engineering» but decentralized and known for thousands of years – enabling resilience. It can be created locally while creating local benefits (adaption to harsh weather) and global benefits (mitigation of climate change). It can and will be done by each keeper of a oiece of land – world wide. There is no need to act against local interests. Let’s do it together – as a world wide family of humans – and world wide network> of active people.