Can we really create ressources? Yes we can! Let‘s be generous with it!

The elements and their mass are given by the universe – of course we cannot change. But we can help decide, in which forms Carbon is with us: as CO2 or CH4 in the atmosphere or as C or CxHyOz in soil and live. ​

If there is a piece of desert land – nature without humans needs many thousand years to turn it into arable land. Humans could do that in 20 years. The difference is ressources, created by humans. ​

After centuries of telling ourselves, that we humans are a thread to the planet – we know it better! So don’t reduce your impact or foot-print – but increase your positive input! Let’s go beyond sustainable – and be generous with the self created ressources! ​

I do formation and lecturing >beyond sustainability for a >ressources creating society.