grafik Presenting biochar and pyrolysis at the World Expo 2017 Kazachstan for UNITAR

Who is Generation Carbon?

​ I did an apprenticeship as draftsmen/designer and studied mechanical engineering and graduated 1995 in light weight design and crash safety. After 6 years in research in material fatigue and structural integrity, I changed into biomass energy applied sciences and exhaust emission analytics in 2002. I’m a guest lecturer since 1998 in several technical universities and still do lecturing in Spanish, English and German
I’m an expert for Ressource Efficiency at REFFNET and for Pyrolysis Technology for UNIDO. I’m a cosmopolit – citizen and servant of planet earth – with home base near Basel, Switzerland

Martin R. Schmid; Dipl. Ing. HTL/FH; +41 79 271 74 62

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