Maybe, your solution already exists and only needs to be adapted, I’ll find it worldwide and re-engineer it to scale to your needs. As a draftsmen, designer and engineer with industrial experience since 1988, I’ll find the right words too to talk with the local production staff. Basing on your information on ressources, local habits and rools (example: do people work in night shifts too or only at day light?), energy grid stability and prices, as well as national and international markets and prices, I’ll design your project, business case, do Life-Cycle-Assessment for carbon credit trading, help you to find the components and train the producer. Finally, I’ll be with you when the final equipment is ready for the first fire. It can be a very small unit – basing on 1 kg input per batch – or an industrial unit with 10’000 tons per year in continuous operation. The world is full of solutions – let’s go to find or develop it.