Enabling by Lecturing and Training

A 0.5 hour presentation for renewable energy experts at the world exibition in Kazachstan, a 2 hours lecturing at a professional farm-leader school in Switzerland, a 3 hours online video site visit and consulting to a social entreprise in Guatemala, a 1 day kick-off workshop for coffee value chain entrepreneurs in Peru, a 2 days school-on-the-farm course with permaculture designers, a 5 days workshop with engineers from Vietnam and Peru and a 10 days supervision and training on-site a pyrolysis system in Cambodia – are some examples of my teaching experience on biochar, pyrolysis, terra-preta, ressource efficiency and renewable energy focused on biomass residues – if possible always related to practica. In my lessons, you might get dirthy hands and smelly clothing. Get in touch with us and we’ll find the best formate and if needed even the way to finance that.