To mitigate both, climate change and the effects of climate change.
It is «geo-engineering» but decentralized and known for thousands of years – enabling resilience. It can be created locally while creating local and global benefits. Our soils still contain still twice or triple the carbon content of the atmosphere and four to six time more than all live on land – its vegetation. Talking about carbon transition without talking about soil earth wouldn’t make sense. The most stable concept to generate resilience, proven thousands years ago in Amazonia is the Terra Preta do indio. Black soils made by humans or mother earth by adding a small percentage of biochar (charcoal) into the composting process. However generating biochar from wood or from the millions of tons of agricultural harvest residues is related to co-generation of clean energy. This might be heat only for drying, heating, distilling, cooking or co-generation of power and heat.

So we are talking about waste-minimization and valorisation, clean-energy generation and use, carbon-sequestration and storage as well as utilization, and finally generation of products for agriculture and veterinary medicine. Several markets, business cases, laws and regulations, stake-holders and providers, local and global benefits. I will gladly help you not only to find your way through this jungle, but also to develop the best solution to the best of my knowledge and belief. Together with our global network of expertise, applied science and makers.